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Our best selling Trebble course deal is the collection of inside secrets and practical answers, delivered by our team of experts. Described as 'The Perfect Interview' by the Daily Mail, and featured by the BBC and Management Today.

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Product Description

Our best selling Trebble course deal is the collection of inside secrets and practical answers, delivered by our team of experts. Described as ‘The Perfect Interview’ by the Daily Mail, and featured by the BBC and Management Today.

What Will You Get?
175 CV Secrets Training Video
207 Interview Skills Training Video
135 Interview Answers Training Video
4 CV & Cover Letter Templates
Unlimited Access For 3 Months

Supreme Confidence
Tips and techniques for massively increasing your confidence, overcome low self esteem, improving your focus, motivation videos, stress tips, uplifting quotes and more.

Advanced Interview Secrets
It helps in top interview answers, competency based interview tips and examples, salary negotiation advice, virtual job interviews, list of questions to ask and more.

Job Application Secrets
It focuses on Job search tools, how to find unadvertised vacancies, networking tips, online job hunting secrets, using linkedIN to find a job, recruiters insights, Facebook tips, lists of the best jobs boards and more.

Presentation Secrets
It enables you to learn how to conquer the public speaking skills and deliverance. It will help you master the art of speaking confidently in no time.

How to get the edge
It advices on careers, starting a new business, franchising advice. It brings out new content every month to complement the 15 hours of video and range of fantastic articles, video, audios, downloads and templates.

100+ Career Experts
The team consists of leading career experts, top CV experts, bestselling authors, blue chip employees, public speaking experts, career and development coaches, redundancy lawyers and more.

Ipad/Iphone compatible
It allows all the videos and audio can be viewed on any mobile device and smart phone device.

Stunning new ideas
It provides access to forums where seekers and employers will be sharing ideas, new jobs, advanced interview tips, unadvertised vacancies and many more.

Course Study Format
This course is delivered through ONLINE method. The course is available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period.

IT Training Courseware Support
Interactive Online IT Training courses will take you step by step though your chosen eLearning courseware using show and ask training methods.
All our home study courses include step by step online training and keyword search facilities.

Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day Monday to Friday, for any queries regarding your online course.

Study Hours
Study hour is dependent upon the dedication and grasp towards the learning concepts mentioned in the course material.

All exam vouchers supplied with our courses must be used within the duration of your course. Exam Vouchers become invalid once the course has expired.


Top CV Secrets
Is your CV getting you every interview you apply for? If not find out how you can be shortlisted for interviews again and again. This can be true EVEN if professional CV writers have written yours. How do we know? We have filmed best-selling career authors and owners of leading CV writing services, revealing the secrets to a job winning CV.

+4 CV Template Aids
+4 Covering Letters

207 Interview Questions
Devised by career coaches and recruitment experts, this film is packed full of non-stop tips and insights from the thousands of interviews they have conducted. If you worried or stressed about an upcoming interview or have you recently been made redundant and just lost confidence this film includes tips, techniques and answers that top candidates use to win offer after offer. It will assist you to develop your CV / resume, build rapport, ask great questions and beat interview nerves

Interview Answers
In this session you will see filmed some of the most difficult questions that are asked of candidates. You are guided through each one (step by step), giving advice about how to answer the question followed by an actual examples such as What are your strengths? Describe your greatest failure? Why should we offer you the job? Why were you made redundant? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Describe your personality? Why do you want this job? How do you cope under pressure? What makes you crack? How do you plan a project? What makes you different?

Job Prospects
Become fully trained and substantially improve your chances of employment or earn more money!

Upon completion of the course, you can download the completion certificate as well as any other qualifications you have been awarded.

Skills Assessments
Test yourself and receive a certificate online. Multiple choice or fill in the blanks style questioning helps you remember and learn.

Interactive simulations
Feel like you are actually using the software you are being trained about in the added security of our learning environment.

Printable reference guides and exercises
Every chapter has its own hands on exercises for you to carry out to help you gain essential experience. You also have automatic glossary and search features to help you use the course as a ‘quick reference’ guide.

Course Completion Certificate

*Please note, unless stated otherwise or included in package, our online courses only offer course completion certificates ( £10 fee) and in all cases official testing (at a charge made by testing centre) is required to gain officially certified recognised qualifications.

Proven Results:

More Job Offers
Get your CV to the top
Impress everyone you meet
Banish interview nerves
Handle tough questions with ease
Stand out from the crowd
Ask impressive questions
Negotiate a better package