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The full CeMAP® qualification will make you a fully Mortgage Advisor and prove that you have the knowledge and training to fully satisfy regulatory standards required to competently advise customers on all available property lending / mortgage options.

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The full CeMAP® qualification will make you a fully Mortgage Advisor and prove that you have the knowledge and training to fully satisfy regulatory standards required to competently advise customers on all available property lending / mortgage options.

On completion of the training you will have the license to either work for a financial institution or as an independent self employed advisor.

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You should allow at least 1 – 2 hours of study to complete each question paper.

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CeMAP Training Package: CeMAP 1 – Duration: 30 Hours

1. CEMAP Paper 1: UK Financial Regulation
UK Financial Regulation is a broad-based module that covers purpose and structure of the UK financial services industry.
2. CEMAP Paper 1: Training Sections
UK financial services industry structure, Financial asset classes, Financial services products, Financial advice and regular reviews Legal concepts, UK taxation and social security systems, Inflation, interest rate volatility, Non tax laws, FSA regulation, FSA’s conduct of business rule, Anti-money laundering rules, Complaints and compensation, Data Protection Act 1998.

CeMAP Training Package: CeMAP 2 – Duration: 15 Hours

1. CEMAP Paper 2: Mortgages
The Mortgages module is split into four sections and focuses upon, law, practice policy and markets, application, payments methods and products and post completion issues.
2. Training Section 1: Mortgages Law, Policy, Practice and Markets:
Definition of a mortgage, House buying process, Common types of borrower, Mortgage Contact of Business (MCOB) rules and the legislation, The role of the mortgage adviser, Additional security, Fees and charges, Value of property, Valuation and surveys, Repayment options, Mortgage products and interest rates, Mortgage associated insurance, Raising additional money, Transferring mortgages Debt consolidation, Breaches of the Mortgage Deed, State provisions.
3. Training Section 2: Mortgage Applications:
The role of a mortgage advisee and the importance and principles of providing advice, including the key factors affecting the advice given;The implications for consumers of ‘gazumping’ and ‘gazundering’; The fees and charges involved in arranging a mortgage, where these apply, the services they cover, when they become due, which are refundable and how the opportunity for refunds diminishes as the process nears completion; The principal factors affecting the value of property, including their implications for consumers seeking mortgages and when consumers should be referred for specialist advice; The different forms of valuation and survey and which might be appropriate for different properties and/or the borrower’s circumstance; The need to obtain Local Authority planning consent for house developments or extensions.
4. Training Section 3: Mortgage Payment Methods and Products:
The key features of the different types of mortgage repayment options and their benefits for different types of borrower; The key features of the common types of mortgage product and interest rate options; The structure and features of other types of mortgage and when they might be suitable for borrowers; The main features and functions of different forms of life assurance and other insurance (e.g. mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI); life; accident; sickness and unemployment (ASU) insurance; building insurance; contents insurance) associated with arranging a mortgage.
5. Training Section 4: Mortgage Arrears and Post-Completion Issues:
The principles and procedures associated with raising additional money and the circumstances when further borrowing might be appropriate; The principles, procedures and costs associated with transferring mortgages;The principles of using mortgages within debt consolidation arrangements; The implications for the borrower of the non-payment of mortgages, other breaches of the Mortgage Deed, non-payment of building insurance and the options available; The legal rights and remedies available to lenders in respect of non-payment from borrowers; The main provisions made by the State to assist consumers in the difficulties over the repayment of mortgages.

CeMAP Training Package: CeMAP 3 – Duration: 15 Hours

1. CEMAP Paper 3: Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge
The final knowledge assessment module requires you to apply the knowledge and understanding of the first two modules, by applying suitable mortgage solutions within the regulatory and ethical framework.
2. CEMAP Paper 3: Training Sections:
Analyse consumers circumstances, Apply mortgage solutions, Identify consumers needs and make suitable recommendations Understand the advice process, UK Finance industry and the different types of mortgage solutions.

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CEMAP Paper 1: UK Financial Regulation. Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice
Course Completion Certificate

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