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A blend of agile methodologies and scrum practices, Professional Agile and Scrum Master Certification is offered to professionals who are experts in agile and scrum methodologies








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Product Description

A blend of agile methodologies and scrum practices, Professional Agile and Scrum Master Certification is offered to professionals who are experts in agile and scrum methodologies

our online Agile and Scrum training gives one the liberty to prepare for agile and scrum exam at their own convenience.

Achieve Professional Agile and Scrum Master Certification to establish your agile and scrum skills with a coveted credential.

About Professional Agile and Scrum Certification

This Certification is a professional certification that validates a professional’s blended knowledge in agile methodologies and scrum practices.

There are popular approaches in software development while scrum practices include software development by cross-functional and self-managed teams, producing working code at the end of each iteration or Sprint.

Agile Scrum certification demonstrates a professional’s ability to implement agile scrum tools and agile and scrum practices to the global employers.

Best Suited

Professionals who are working on agile software development and those working on scrum development should take agile scrum master certification.

Scrum masters and agile practitioners are ideal participants for agile scrum certification.

Professionals working on agile scrum development and looking forward to engage in valuable learning and proven skills can opt for agile scrum certification.

Professional Agile and Scrum Certification Benefits

Professional certification on agile and scrum practices.

Strong hand over daily stand up meetings, sprint planning, reviews and retrospectives.

It displays proven expertise in agile scrum methodologies and best practices.

The course demonstrates one’s agile and scrum expertise to potential employers

It provides better job performance and greater career avenues


Professional Agile and Scrum exam is governed by EXIN. The exam is offered online and is comprised of multiple-choice questions.

The time allotted for the exam is 60 minutes and the passing score is 65%. The exam fee for PSM exam is US $ 100. Know more about PSM Exam.

Key Features

8 Hrs of High Quality e-Learning content

10 Chapter-end Quizzes

14 PDUs Offered

Downloadable e-book

2 Prof. Agile & Scrum Simulation Exams

Courseware Approved by EXIN

Course Completion Certificate

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Course Study Format
This course is delivered through ONLINE method. The course is available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period.

IT Training Courseware Support
The entire home study courses include step by step online training and keyword search facilities.
Using show and ask training methods you can access the desired eLearning courseware step by step.
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Job Prospects
Become fully trained and substantially improve your chances of employment or earn more money!

Interactive simulations
Feel like you are actually using the software you are being trained about in the added security of our learning environment.

Skills Assessments
Test yourself and receive a certificate online. Multiple choice or fill in the blanks style questioning helps you remember and learn.

Course Completion Certificate

*Please note, unless stated otherwise or included in package, our online courses only offer course completion certificates ( £10 fee) and in all cases official testing (at a charge made by testing centre) is required to gain officially certified recognised qualifications.

Unless otherwise specified, official exams are not included.

Lesson 01 – Agile Scrum Introduction
Lesson 02 – Agile Scrum Methodologies
Lesson 03 – Scrum Roles
Lesson 04 – Agile Scrum Ceremonies
Lesson 05 – Scrum Artifacts
Lesson 06 – Scrum Best Practices
Lesson 07 – Scrum Planning
Lesson 08 – Scrum Estimation
Lesson 09 – Monitoring Scrum Projects
Lesson 10 – Advanced Scrum Concepts