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MS Word 2010 courses you will find everything that you need to learn to perfectly master the Microsoft Word application.

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MS Word 2010 courses you will find everything that you need to learn to perfectly master the Microsoft Word application.

It enables you to learn from basic navigation through a document and editing its graphic content effectively to such fine details as automatic mail merge printing.

It helps you to orient yourself in the environment of the application. When you know how to enter text, next you will learn to select, move, copy and format text and to check its spelling and grammar.

Once done with the basics you will learn how to use styles, to alter page margins and their width, to add a header and a footer to a document and finally to print it. You will also learn to create a document using a template and in the opposite manner to create a template from a document.

You will also learn about AutoComplete and AutoText, try out creating your own Building Blocks and setting paragraph properties suitable for organising the text flow. You will create a table of contents, an index and a table of figures to add to a document.

MS Word allows users to use mail merge to create envelopes, labels and a catalog.

It enables you to learn to work with graphics and how to insert SmartArts and WordArts to a document. You will also familiarise yourself with the basics of form creation and with printing and protecting them.

If you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer we suggest that you download a free demo of Microsoft Office Software from here:

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This course is delivered through ONLINE method.
The course is available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period.

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MS Word 2010: Introduction
In this course, you will learn how to create and format simple text documents. You will learn how to use correction tools and help. After completing the course, you will know how to set page numbering, how to insert simple headers and footers, and how to print a document.

List of Lessons:
Introduction to Word
Navigation through the document
Text entry
Work with a document and multiple document windows
Use of automatic corrections and proofing tools
Text selection techniques
Text moving and copying
Page setup
Paragraph formatting
Character formatting
Document printing
Borders and Shading
Bulleted and numbered lists
Data sorting, Converting text to a table
Multi-page document editing
Headers and Footers
Getting help

MS Word 2010: Intermediate
In this course, you will learn to work with styles and templates. You will acquire the requisite knowledge in formatting large documents, working with tables, including calculations, and working with charts. You will also insert graphics into your documents.

List of Lessons:
Basic Word settings
Work with document windows
Quick Access Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts
Table creation
Table formatting
Table data sorting and calculations
Table design
Chart creation
Text flow management
Searching in a document
Tracking changes
Document sections
Splitting text into columns
Graphics in documents
Work with symbols
Advanced techniques for paragraph numbering
Saving a file in various formats

MS Word 2010: Advanced
In this course, you will familiarize yourself with advanced methods for working with large documents. You will learn to create a table of contents, indexes and tables of figures. You will also be creating envelopes, labels and a catalog making use of mail merge. You will learn how to work with graphics and organization charts. You will understand the basics of creating forms and learn how to use fields in your documents. You will familiarize yourself with creating macros, with the XML format and its usage in MS Word, with security and management of permissions for accessing documents.

List of Lessons:
Document headers and sections
Showing outline and dividing long documents
Master document with subdocuments
Table of contents creation
Index generating
Table of figures
Envelopes and labels
Form letters in mail merge
Work with a data source in mail merge
Envelopes and labels in mail merge
Linking and inserting objects
Organization chart
Cycle diagram and decorative text
Drawing and work with graphics
Work with fields
Footnotes and endnotes

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