Mastering Quickbooks Pro 2009



This online training will enable you to master QuickBooks software skills, as well as learn basic accounting concept. This series will open your eyes to just how easy using QuickBooks® Pro® can be to manage, record and understand your company’s finances.

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Product Description

This online training will enable you to master QuickBooks software skills, as well as learn basic accounting concept. This series will open your eyes to just how easy using QuickBooks® Pro® can be to manage, record and understand your company’s finances.

Helps you to learn how to create a company file and manage vendors, customers and products.
Gives you an overview of the Company Snapshot, a new QuickBooks feature that shares all key aspects of your business in one screen.
Enables you to see how to enter vendors, customers, items, inventory and transactions as accurately as possible with as much detail as possible.
Helps you to learn how to secure your financial files, share QuickBooks files with multiple users and back them up in order to secure your data.
It enables you to discover how Centers work to provide easy access to an overview of or specific information for Vendors, Customers and Employees.

Course Study Format
This course is delivered through ONLINE method.
The course is available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period.

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Study Hours
Study hour is dependent upon the dedication and grasp towards the learning concepts mentioned in the course material. Furthermore, at the end of each lesson there is a question paper that needs to be completed and returned to the tutor.

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Chapter 1: QUICKBOOKS OVERVIEW (13 min)
QuickBooks Versions
Tour of the Interface

Chapter 2: THE COMPANY FILE (25 min)
Opening an Existing Company
Preparing to Set Up a New Company
Creating a New Company File

Chapter 3: THE CHART OF ACCOUNTS (24 min)
Accounting Primer
Adding New Accounts
Editing Accounts
Displaying & Adding Account Numbers

Chapter 4: PREFERENCES & SECURITY (21 min)
Customizing Preferences
Security Overview
Establishing Security

Chapter 5: COMPANY LISTS (17min)
Working with Lists
Organizing Lists

Chapter 6: IMPORTING DATA (23 min)
General Import Strategies
Installing the Conversion Tool
Starting the Conversion Tool
Importing from Microsoft Excel

Chapter 7: BANK ACCOUNTS (19 min)
Creating & Using Accounts
Writing Checks
Transferring Funds between Accounts

Chapter 8: SERVICES & INVENTORY (46 min)
Inventory Accounts Overview
Entering Products & Services
Working with the Vendor List
Ordering & Receiving Products
Making Inventory Adjustments
Returning Items to Vendors
Inventory Reports

Chapter 9: CUSTOMERS (16 min)
Adding Customers
Defining Jobs
Adding Custom Fields

Chapter 10: RECORDING SALES (29 min)
Making Cash Sales
Using Estimates
Working with Progressive Invoicing
Sending Invoices

Adjusting for Credits & Returns
Creating Credit Memos
Working with Finance Charges
Creating Statements

Chapter 12: CUSTOM SALES FORMS (30 min)
Customizing a Product Invoice
Using the Layout Designer & Downloading Templates
Assigning & Managing Templates

Chapter 13: ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (24 min)
Receiving Payments
Making Deposits
Streamlining Payments & Deposits
Viewing A/R Reports

Chapter 14: ACCOUNTS PAYABLE (16 min)
Entering Bills
Paying Bills

Chapter 15: SALES TAX (19 min)
Setting Up Sales Tax
Applying Sales Tax
Determining & Paying Sales Tax

Chapter 16: MANAGING EMPLOYEE DATA (33 min)
Getting Ready for Payroll
Setting Up Payroll
Adding Employees
Creating & Using Timesheets
Preparing Paychecks
Paying Payroll Liabilities

Chapter 17: CREDIT CARDS (08 min)
Creating Credit Card Accounts & Entering Charges
Reconciling & Paying Credit Card Accounts

Chapter 18: OTHER ENTRIES (16 min)
Assets & Depreciation
Creating Liability & Equity Accounts

Chapter 19: ONLINE BANKING (09 min)
Setting Up for Online Access
Working with Online Data

Chapter 20: SHARING INFORMATION (30 min)
Writing Letters
Synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook
Customizing & Sharing Reports
Working with an Accountant’s Copy

End of Year Activities
Preparing Forms & Closing Periods
Backing Up Data
Cleaning Up Company Data

Job Prospects
Become fully trained and substantially improve the chances of employment or earn more money!

Qualification NVQ Level 3
Fully recognised UK Qualification. On completion of this course you will be awarded with a Diploma, which is an NVQ Level 3 qualification. It will be awarded by a UK accredited body.

Upon completion of the course, you can download the completion certificate as well as any other qualifications you have been awarded.

Excel MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist 2010) Available
Course Completion Certificate

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