Flash Lite 2.1: Creating Mobile Applications

Flash Lite 2.1


An introduction to the Flash Lite player and understand some of the basic differences between mobile specific issues and the desktop Flash player.

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Product Description

An introduction to the Flash Lite player and understand some of the basic differences between mobile specific issues and the desktop Flash player.

Once done with the basic, we move onto how to develop the user interface, work with class-based development.

Dale wraps up the lessons by teaching you how to work with external media and platforms, as well as explains some of the wider issues for developers starting out with Flash Lite and mobile content development.



It enables to learn how to control Visual Objects with ActionScript 2.0.

It helps to understand how to build a mobile game.

It enables to get up to speed on how to write persistent data to the handset.

It helps to learn about loading dynamic data through XML socket connections.

It enables to obtain first-hand experience for how to load Flash Lite applications on a BREW device.

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This course is delivered through ONLINE method.
The course is available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period.

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Study Hours
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Disc 1 – Basics & Best Practices

Chapter 1: Flash Lite Development Fundamentals (18 min)
• The Flash IDE & Mobile Emulator
• Moving .SWF Files to a Mobile Device
• Comparing Vector & Bitmap Images
• Comparing Movie Clip & Graphic Symbols

Chapter 2: Coding Well Architected Applications (17 min)
• Assigning Data Type to an Object
• Using System Capabilities
• Writing User Defined Functions
• Returning Data from Functions
• Final Comments

Disc 2 – Developing the User Interface
Chapter 1: Controlling Visual Objects (38 min)
• Setting Text Field Object Properties
• Setting Movie Clip Object Properties
• Referencing Objects & Timelines
• Customizing the Focus Rectangle
• Organizing Visual Content with ActionScript
• Dynamically Attaching Movie Clips

Chapter 2: Handling Device Key Press Events (13 min)
• Adding ActionScript to Control Soft Keys
• Creating a Global Key Listener
• Defining Key Functions
• Changing Visual Content on Key Events

Chapter 3: ActionScript in Mobile Game Concepts (40 min)
• Using ActionScript for Animation
• Creating Methods to Animate Movie Clips
• Initializing Game Setup
• Detecting Stage Boundaries
• Detecting Object Collisions
• Updating the Score
• Ending the Game

Chapter 4: Class-Based Development (21 min)
• Creating & Using ActionScript Classes
• Linking a Class to an Object
• Adding Methods & Properties to a Class
• Extending the Movie Clip Class
• Managing Scoping with the Delegate Class

Chapter 5: Working With Asynchronous XML Data (38:30 min)
• Preparing for XML
• Creating the Object
• Loading XML
• Parsing XML
• Storing XML in Arrays
• Displaying XML Data from Arrays
• Validating User Entered Values

Chapter 6: Synchronous XML Data With XML Sockets (45 min)
• Setting Up a Jabber Server Account
• Creating an XML Socket Connection
• Handling the Socket Connection
• Sending & Receiving XML Data
• Creating XML for the Server Login
• Looking into the Jabber Server
• Creating an XML Node Message
• Sending an XML Node Message
• Receiving & Displaying XML Messages

Chapter 7: Persistent Data & Dispatching Events (25 min)
• Creating a Shared Object
• Combining Listeners with Shared Objects
• Writing & Displaying Shared Object Data
• Creating Dispatch Events
• Listening & Reacting to Dispatched Events
• Final Comments

Disc 3 – Working with External Media

Chapter 1: Working With Sound in Flash Lite (18 min)
• Importing Sounds into Flash
• Loading Sound through ActionScript
• Controlling Sound through ActionScript

Chapter 2: Working With Video in Flash Lite (15 min)
• Creating Bundled Device Video
• Testing for Video Capabilities
• Using External Device Video
• Final Comments

Disc 4 – Brew & Other Resources

Chapter 1: Creating Flash Lite Content for Brew (11 min)
• Publishing Content & the BREW Simulator
• Uploading Applications to BREW Enabled Devices

Chapter 2: The Flash Lite Ecosystem (06 min)
• Deploying Flash Lite Content
• Flash Lite on Other Devices
• Final Comments & Credits

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